What does MyIndent?

MyIndent is a e-Procurement solution which is developed for sectors like Steel, Infra, cement, automobile, Pharma, Mines and Minerals, export & Import, Trading etc.

Is this Similar to other B2B platform like India Mart, Trade India, etc.?

MyIndent is demand driven procurement solution where demand comes first with complete details of product specification, quantity required, delivery location and then suppliers participate in the bidding process with the price and quantity they can offer to the buyer. Information flow in MyIndent is interactive, transactional and has a validity period whereas in other portals, it is informative. Both are different system and we never say which is right or wrong, Both serves specific needs of clients.

Is this platform similar to other procure to pay software which is available in market?

There are some procurement solution providers which offer Procure-to-pay or Procure-to-Save or Saving-as- Service etc. procurement solutions which is very costly and unaffordable for MSME. MyIndent is very economical and affordable to any company irrespective of the size. We allow our Customer to add unlimited suppliers to their private supplier network without any extra cost whereas others charge extra to add suppliers. My Indent’s Live Bidding innovative technology is very unique which keeps your company connected with supplier network 24/7. There is no need to send invitation separately to your suppliers to participate in the bidding as they all get alert (Email and SMS) once you raise your indent for supplier’s quotation in MyIndent.

How does MyIndent works?

MyIndent is a demand driven Procure-to-pay Live bidding procurement solution. MyIndent completely transforms your company’s procurement system which helps your company to save cost, Procurement time by bringing Transparency in buying and increasing competition among suppliers. To use MyIndent and to know more about our services, kindly contact our Customer Care at +91 9595 20 9000 or write us at info@myindent.com.

What is Private and Global Suppliers?

Private Suppliers: Suppliers are associated with Buyer company and the Buyer company is registered member of MyIndent. The Buyers give reference to add suppliers whom they are already doing business. This group of suppliers form the Private suppliers network. Global Suppliers are members of MyIndent but may or may not be the registered/ preferred suppliers of the buyer who is raising the indent for bidding.

How should we trust the unknown suppliers?

The Suppliers who are listed in MyIndent are members of MyIndent. These suppliers are vetted out by of one or more members of MyIndent who are registered as Buyers in MyIndent platform. Our team does the KYC before registering any member in MyIndent platform.

We have factories in different locations, can we use the same login credential to do procurement for other locations?

The Userid is tagged to a particular City. Within the city it can be used but from security perspective it is advisable not to share the credential with anyone. You will need at least one Userid for one city.

Can we create our Separate product master?

Yes, the Buyer and Supplier can have their own Private Product master

How many products we can add in one indent to invite bidding?

There is no limit to the number of products you can add to a single indent.

How would I know suppliers had given the delivered price quote or ex-source?

The buyer has the option of requesting either delivered price quote or ex-source price quote at the time of raising the indent.

How to make payments?

MyIndent is a platform. No payment is done thru the platform. The payment is done directly to the Supplier/s based on the payment mode quoted in the Indent and agreed between the Buyer and Supplier.

What should buyer do if product quality is not as per specification?

If the product quality is not as per specification then you have the right to reject it at no cost.

How to define quality specification?

The quality specification (files can be uploaded) is uploaded in the system against each item for a particular indent. The Suppliers see the spec and agree to bid as per the specs.

Can we upload technical files and images also at the time of creating new indent /Event for bidding?

Yes, you can upload the technical and image files upto 10MB size.

What does Approver do?

In case of corporate membership of MyIndent, the Indent will go to the approver (Head of Department) to approve all the indents which have been raised for bidding. The indent will be open for bidding once the approver approves it. The Approver also has to approve the selected supplier/s to confirm the Suppliers selected.

Is it possible to increase the bidding time?

The users cannot change the bidding time. However, the Buyer can call the Customer Care and in appropriate cases only , the Admin can extend the Bidding time only if the bidding window is not closed.

Where I will find my previous indents and confirmed Purchase orders?

All previous Indents and Purchase order can be seen on the Buyer’s Dashboard (for Buyers ) and Supplier’s Dashboard (for Suppliers)

Do I need to send Purchase order to suppliers once I generated Purchase order through MyIndent?

It is not required to send the PO to the suppliers as they will get the Purchase order directly from the system.

Can we select more than one suppliers for one Indent?

Yes, you can select more than one supplier for an indent but you can select only one supplier for a particular Item in an Indent.

How to do registration with MyIndent?

Registration is done by requesting for membership (Half-yearly or Annual) by contacting the Customer Care or requesting thru www.myindent.com. The Sales office will get in touch with you to complete the Membership registration. A nominal Registration fee is applicable

Is there any free trial period available?

MyIndent provides two months’ free trial period to its registered clients with T&C.

How many days training required to use this product?

Training of 5 days is imparted for MyIndent.

If I want to discontinue, what should I do?

We are confident that you like this product once you start using it. However, you an discontinue by not renewing your membership (Half yearly or Annual membership).

Do you need to have in-house servers or install any application?

MyIndent is a Cloud based platform which is accessible for anywhere provided you have a computer and internet connectivity. Hence no in-house hardware installation is required. There is no need to install any software as portal is available on the cloud.

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